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Meet The Founder

Chef David Blonsky is a South Florida based chef and founder of Saucy Gourmet. Blonsky enrolled at the esteemed Culinary Institute of America at the young age of just 17 years old. He then went on to expand his knowledge through professional experience, working under notable chefs all across the country.

David eventually made the move to sunny South Florida where he earned a B.A. in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Florida International University. After dedicating much time to the world of catering and the restaurant business, Blonsky founded Saucy Gourmet in 2019. His amazing Gourmet Foods are available all across the Southern Region in over 1200 top grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, Publix Supermarket, Ingles Market, United Grocers/Market Street, PSK Supermarkets, along with establishing a strong push into the Food Service industry.