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Saucy was inspired by Chef Blonsky’s passion for connecting people through his love of food and cooking. His story began when he was 12 years old, while cooking with his mom and dad, who loved food and taught him that using simple fresh ingredients can make amazing dishes. Chef Blonsky went on to open three successful restaurants in Chicago. 

During this time, customers continuously told him that his crafted salsas were the best salsas they’ve ever had, quickly earning him a loyal following. It was then that he saw a void in the market for restaurant quality salsas with farm fresh ingredients and realized he had something special that needed to be shared with the rest of the world. This led him to begin cooking and bottling his salsas in his own home kitchen. With his continued commitment to using high-quality ingredients and dedication to culinary innovation, the business evolved and became known as Saucy Gourmet.

Our mission is to make cooking fun and easy, while sparking conversation and building meaningful memories between family and friends. We created Saucy to be an easy, versatile cooking companion in everyone’s kitchen. It’s sure to bring happiness and good vibes to any occasion!

Get Saucy! Chef David Blonsky, Founder